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Razor MD, Shaving and Grooming Company

Circa 1920. Brooklyn, NY. An immigrant comes to America with dreams of making a better-looking life for his family. After putting himself through pharmacy college he opens his first business, Saltzman Pharmacy. This was my great-grandfather, Peter Saltzman. Later his son Ralph (my grandfather) enters the pharmacy business and takes over Saltzman Pharmacy until my own father would become a pharmacist. My father would run Saltzman pharmacy and later open two Manhattan pharmacies. But where this story takes a turn is my involvement. Born with the mind of an entrepreneur and having less than stellar grades in college, following in the footsteps of these men before I just wasn’t in the cards…..However, I wanted to keep the pharmacy spirit alive in some respect and pay homage to these great men. My name is Scott Saltzman and this is my story.

Growing up at Saltzman pharmacy I learned many life lessons. I learned how to work the cash register and make a change, how to interact with customers and how to eat all the candy I can for free….but also important lessons on what hard work was and how to help people. Another important life lesson was if a product or service doesn’t exist or could be improved upon, then do it yourself. One of the problems my family faced was as immigrants, they couldn’t afford barbershop shaves very often, however, they longed for a way to affordably Bring Home The Barber Shop Shave.™ They wanted a shave experience as close to the barbershop but at a fraction of the price. And with that desire, a passion was born to create Barber-Grade products for themselves. In the evenings, the basement of Saltzman Pharmacy became a make-shift lab where they tested formulas, compounded ingredients and kept a running log of what they concocted until it was perfect.

You can probably get a sense of where this story is going, I never became a pharmacist nor ever ran a pharmacy. In fact, CVS corporation eventually acquired all of our pharmacies but when I was cleaning out Saltzman pharmacy, I found a notebook which would change the course of my life moving forward. This was the notebook where they recorded the shave formulas they created. I held onto this a few years until one day decided to capitalize on what I learned and carve out a business of my own while still paying homage to my family and our pharmacy pedigree. I set out to recreate my families shave formulas with the purpose of making these amazing shave products available to men from all walks of life. With a grassroots approach and a ton of samples, I set out to grow a business. Year after year our business grew, mostly by word of mouth and great results.

Today I’m proud to share RAZOR MD® is a global Men’s Shave, Grooming & Haircare brand, now carried in over a dozen countries and counting. We still manufacture in the USA, we pride ourselves on using as many of the same All Natural Ingredients my family did. We still use Essential Oils and appreciate Hand-Made Craftsmanship just like my family did back in the day. Still NO Parabens, NO Harsh Chemicals, and NO Toxins. I can honestly say, every day I’m Living the American Dream and keeping my family’s history alive. From our family to yours… the prescription for the perfect look.™


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