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Spa Sales Affiliate Rewards

Improve your reach and profitability via retail, e-commerce and internet strategy through a free membership in the mySpaShop Affiliate Program, a uniquely connected community. If you're not yet a member, we encourage you to join and enjoy the benefits for free, while earning Spa Shop Affiliate Rewards spa membership rewards points from referrals & purchases.

Join us in linking consumers to our global collection of health, wellness and beauty products. mySpaShop (mSS), founded by Kim Matheson Shedrick, started as an extension of the renowned firm Natural Resources Spa Consulting (NRi). The vision for mSS was to create an eCommerce Marketplace & Community that focuses on well-being, with a market objective of providing a platform to showcase distinctive spa and wellness products.   

Our Partnership initiative will bring the Spa experience to the mobile and time-limited consumer, using experiential content, DIY (do-it-yourself) recipes, industry expertise, commerce and community.

As a Charter Affiliate, you will also benefit from our Spa Retail Marketing Services, featuring social media and SEO campaign, videos, blogs, newsletters, relevant articles, photos and more to keep your web presence fresh and appealing. The connectivity to and from your Spa’s site will be considerable, allowing you to articulate your viewpoint and expertise, as well as form relationships with customers, prospects, employees, business partners and friends. Promote the user experience shop
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The process of joining is quick and simple: contact mSS affiliate@mySpaShop.com to get started. We will help you place mSS affiliate banners on your Spa’s website, integrating the mSS community into your website without your customers ever leaving it.  In addition to extending your reach, your company receives commissions on retail as well as revenue on everyone that clicks through.   


1. What is the mSS Affiliate Program?

mSS Affiliates enjoy support in the areas of internet strategy, retail and e-commerce, providing a superior on-line experience for their  guests. The program allows you to generate commissions by referring clients to mySpaShop.com with an Ad on your site that is either Text-Link or Graphic Banner (provided by mSS).
mSS will help you build identity, create buzz, and manage your virtual reputation.  mSS can also customize your landing page to reflect your brand and articulate your point of view and expertise.

2. How does it work?

The Affiliate Program is free for you and your business. Simply send an email to mSS affiliate@mySpaShop.com to join our community. We provide you with a weblink to view real-time reporting on your earned revenues, which will be paid monthly.

3. Why become an mSS Affiliate?

 Membership in the mSS Affiliate Program enables you to make additional income and significantly improve your online identity. Additionally, it gives your customers a great way to shop and participate in a relevant and engaging wellness community.

4. What graphic materials are available for my site?

mSS will provide a variety of banners, logos, product links, text links, videos, content and images from which to choose. The materials will reflect your unique identity, and have been tastefully designed, taking existing space allocation into consideration.

For more information please contact affiliate@myspashop.com.

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