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Zents, Body & Bath


ZENTS began with founder Cord Coen’s life-changing car accident. Left with physical and brain injury including chronic pain, intense migraine, and almost complete loss of the ability to smell, Cord underwent two years of rehabilitation. When his healing plateaued, doctors told him he simply wouldn’t get any better. Instead of accepting this fate Cord took a new path – packing his bags and traveling from Boulder, Colorado all the way to India. With the support of loving parents and a caring Indian host family, he spent an entire year doing yoga, receiving massage and internal herbal treatments, and practicing pranayama and meditation for up to eight hours a day. Finally, he found what felt like a miracle… his pain subsided, his senses of smell and taste returned, and his body healed. In this place of healing the idea of ZENTS was born.


Cord felt so lucky to be given a second chance at healing that he wanted to pass on this gift to others. The ZENTS collection brought his vision to life, with powerful potions and incredible ingredients that truly transform the skin. His background as a cranial sacral therapist and Reiki master also helped guide the creation of spa rituals that uplift the mind, body, and spirit. Each personalized treatment brings the whole self to its deepest place – a place to heal and to connect with the miracle of you. Talented massage therapists, estheticians, and nail professionals now use ZENTS organic quench treatments and ultra-hydrating formulas in the most renowned spas all around the globe. At resorts, you can experience ZENTS in the boutique, spa, salon, shower, and guest suites. With each day comes new possibilities, and new ways to spread the blessing of health to others.


In regaining his sense of smell in India, Cord discovered that his sensitivity to scent was now dramatically heightened. Strong perfumes with high concentrates of synthetics that would have been nothing more than a mild nuisance before his accident would now trigger migraines. Cord soon realized he was not alone. He began to notice how many other people were just like him and highly sensitive to scent. So he began a process of testing all of his own scents on himself, on friends, on family… if a scent caused a reaction it didn’t make it into the line. As a result of this simple step, many people who typically don’t like scent or are not able to wear anything with aroma are faithful ZENTS fans.


Our story is ours and also yours. Each scent represents something we cherish. We call our scents our "liquid memories" because they draw upon the brain's powerful ability to connect scent to memory. With our scents, we can relive our favorite moments. It is an honor to be with you as you create your own liquid memories each time you use ZENTS.


The work of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto demonstrates the purifying effect these three beautiful and powerful words have on the molecular structure of water. Exposing water to positive words has a cleansing effect on the water. We have printed the three words with the most powerful purifying effect all around our offices, on every bottle and every box.
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