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Alaska Glacial Mud

Alaska Glacial Glow Toner

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Alaska Glacial Glow Toner illuminating NIACINAMIDE+ HYALURONIC GLOW TONER

Formulated with mineral rich Alaska glacier water, blueberry fruit and chaga mushroom extracts, this toner calms, purifies, brightens and leaves skin perfectly pH balanced and primed for makeup or moisturizer.

    • Our high vibrating glacier mineral based toner refreshes complexion and eliminates dullness with functional actives that help skin retain moisture, aid in collagen production, brighten a dull complexion and smooth uneven skin tone.
      • Gentle and pH balanced (pH 5.4) to protect skin barrier
      • Blueberry and chaga mushroom extracts fight environmental stressors, nourish and protect skin with powerful antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins
      • Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide brighten and refresh skin with dewy smoothness
      • Removes impurities that may remain after cleansing
      • Primes and balances skin pH for additional beauty treatment or makeup
    • Skin Type: Mature / Sensitive / Oily / Acneic / Combination / Dry


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