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Danforth Pewter

Cape Oil Lamp W/ 10" Globe

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The Cape, Bay, Cove Oil Lamps are the newest additions to the Danforth line of artisan handcrafted oil lamps. They have the same high-quality and attention to detail that our customers have come to know and love. Three sizes available offer many ways to add illumination to your life.

The artisans at Danforth that craft our oil lamps are constantly exploring form and function and the design of the Cape, the Bay, and the Cove Oil Lamp reflect the best of our popular one of a kind oil lamps. Detail like the hand-hammered pattern that runs around the base of the lamps is such a detail that worked very well making one of a kind lamps.

Illumination is one of the many ways pewter can fit in your life. Our customers tell us that their lamps become the topic of conversation at many dinner parties with friends and family. A wonderful wedding gift that "lights the way" for newlyweds as they begin their lives together.

The Cape oil lamp is the largest of our new family of handcrafted oil lamps. With a base stable enough to weather a storm at sea, this lamp will illuminate the living spaces of your home. Whether on a dining table, a mantlepiece, or outside on a porch the Cape oil lamp provides beautiful warm lighting perfect for a gathering of friends and family. Enjoy how the facets of the hand-hammered ring around the base of the lamp pick up soothing reflections of the lamps' light.


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