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Dragonfly Earrings

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Beautiful Vermont hand made Danforth earrings .

The Dragonfly/ Teal wire earrings are made by hand from fine lead-free pewter in our Middlebury, Vermont workshop. The French wires are surgical steel and each pair of earrings come packaged on a card. Earrings measure 7/8" high plus earring wire. The teal background of each vignette is applied by hand, one a at time, by our talented pewter artisans.

Around the world, the Dragonfly is cherished as a symbol of transformation, resilience, rebirth, and self-realization. This gorgeous creature is special to many people, especially those who have gone through great hardship such as loss, grief, addiction, or trauma. Our handcrafted Dragonfly gifts, including the Dragonfly Earrings, are an homage to the power of overcoming dark times and finding meaning and beauty in transformation.


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