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Danforth Pewter

Tree House Oil Lamp w/ 3.75" Globe

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The Tree House Oil Lamp is the smaller companion of the Lodge and Cabin lamps. The base of this oil lamp is handspun on a lathe. Our oil lamps add the perfect ambiance to any room, indoors or outdoors. Great as a centerpiece for the dining room table or on a living room end table.

Enjoy the light of an oil lamp while you sit on the porch after the evening sunset. Our customers tell us that their lamps become the topic of conversation at many dinner parties with friends and family. A wonderful wedding gift that "lights the way" for newlyweds as they begin their lives together.

The Tree House stands 6" high with its glass chimney. Each Danforth oil lamp comes with a care card, instructions and brief Danforth story. The Tree House oil lamp base is 3 1/4" in diameter and holds approximately 4 oz. of oil. Oil burns at approximately 3 hours per ounce (based on our smokeless liquid paraffin oil.)

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