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Eastern Vibration

Drums Musical Instruments

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Shamanic Drums 16" At Eastern Vibration, our vision is to make the profound healing power of sound therapy accessible to all, enriching lives and nurturing well-being. We are dedicated to spreading the transformative effects of sound across the globe so that everyone can experience the harmony, balance, and vitality it brings. Our mission is to get this healing modality into as many hands as possible, touching as many lives as possible. 

Join us on this harmonious journey to wellness and discover the beauty of sound's therapeutic embrace.

Christine Hays is a pioneer in the spa and wellness world with over three decades of experience, spending the greater part of the last decade in Asia, residing between Nepal, Bali and the USA. She has been constantly recognizing and setting trends in the industry abroad.
Christine specializes in teaching a plethora of spa modalities, techniques, and amazing Eastern therapies which were studied in their indigenous settings from traditional masters (Gurus, Shamans, Tibetan Monks and Scholars) in India, Nepal, Thailand and the USA.
She was introduced to the Himalayan singing bowls in 2005 in Nepal and has been working with them ever since. Her passion is education and sharing information that has been passed down for many generations. Christine creates sound therapy treatments for luxury spas and practitioners around the globe.

Eastern Vibration

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