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Essence of Vali

Fortify Comfort Mist & Refresh Energy Gift Box

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100% natural and vegan. The fortify blend is grounding and comforting. The refresh blend is uplifting and energizing.

Set Contents: 2 fl oz fortify mist, 2 fl oz fortify massage & bath oil, 4 fl oz refresh massage & bath oil

  • Balance Restore Massage & Bath Oil– Experience relief from hormonal fluctuations due to PMS, Peri-Menopause, Menopause or Post Menopause with plant essences of lavender flowers, grapefruit peel, clary sage & geranium leaves.
  • Calm Relax Massage & Bath Oil– Indulge in soothing plant essences of lavender flowers, orange peel & ylang/ylang petals.
  • Relief Ease Massage & Bath Oil– Relief is the second most popular blend as it helps relieve common aches and pains with plant essences of lavender flowers, peppermint leaves, and birch bark.
  • Sleep Soothing Massage & Bath Oil– Sleep is the most popular blend and is a real treat when used in massage or in the bath. Drift into a relaxing sleep with plant essences of lavender flowers, marjoram leaves, cedarwood & ylang ylang petals in a base of 100% pesticide free golden jojoba.
  • Uplift Mood Massage & Bath Oil – Cheer up with uplifting plant essences of lavender flowers, spruce needles, bergamot peel & litsea cubeba in a base of 100% pesticide free golden jojoba. Uplift is one of my personal favorites. The bergamot and litsea cubeba give it the powerful anti blues properties.
  • Refresh Energy Massage & Bath Oil– Rujevenate yourself with lemon, orange and grapefruit peel.
  • Fortify Comfort Massage & Bath Oil- A grounding, comforting and restorative blend, it is very helpful when you are feeling emotionally fragile. Massage well into the skin all over your body, or apply to specific areas. Use after bath or shower while skin is still moist to moisturize and scent the skin. 
  • Detox Renew Massage & Bath Oil - Spring cleaning with Detox massage & bath oil in preparation for revealing the beauty of your skin in the warm weather months a head. We recommend dry skin brushing followed by a bath or massage with Detox. Your skin will glow and will emit the fresh natural fragrance of Grapefruit, Lemon, Cypress and Juniper.
  • Passion Love Massage & Bath Oil- Indulge in the sensuality of natural essences of orange zest, ylang/ylang petals, ginger root & patchouli leaves. Experience the caress of golden jojoba as you soak in a luxurious bath. Savor the touch of your lover as you share a pampering massage. Scent your bedroom with love mist as you delight in one another’s presence. Treat your loved one or your self this Valentine’s day to Essence of Vali, Passion.
  • Decongest Massage & Bath Oil- A decongesting and restorative blend when symptoms of colds and flu get the better of you. Use the decongest massage and bath oil when you feel a cold coming on. Relax in a restorative and healing bath. You can also massage areas of congestion such as your chest and other areas that may be causing discomfort. Scent: Citrus, herbal, mint

Fortify Blend: Essential oils of cedarwood, rosewood & spruce. The fortify mist is in a base of distilled water. The fortify massage & bath oil is in a base of 100% pesticide free pure golden jojoba. Refresh Blend: Essential oils of orange, lemon & grapefruit. The refresh massage & bath oil is in a base of 100% pesticide free pure golden jojoba.

Special Features: 100% natural and vegan. The fortify blend is grounding and comforting. The refresh blend is uplifting and energizing.

Scent description: Fortify: woody / Refresh: citrus

Fortify comfort mist can be used as a linen mist, air freshener or body mist. The massage & bath oils are used for massage or in the bath. They can also be used as a body moisturizer.

Balance Restore Massage & Bath Oil

I have been a massage therapist/bodyworker for 17 years now and only discovered Essence of Vali products a couple of years ago. I have used many, many brands and Essence of Vali, particularly the “Calm” oil … I also use … “Balance” (I have a lot of menopausal women who love it!) in my practice as well. -Nadine Beaumont, CMT

Calm Relax Massage & Bath Oil

The calm essence is so gorgeous it’s lyrical. Thank you for your creations. –Victoria Hansen

Relief Ease Massage & Bath Oil

Your “Relief” is the ONLY thing that ever gives my poor aching 52-year old knee relief. Went to the beach with a bunch of girlfriends recently and one of them came back hobbling. Gave her the Relief and she’s a customer now too. -Patti

Sleep Soothing Massage & Bath Oil

We have a delivery man (Charles) who comes almost every day. Over time we have gotten to know him mostly because he is so charismatic.  His wife has cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, arthritis, etc. I am not sure of all that she had but I know she is no older than 38. Because of this I told him about your products, because he massages her to help her with the pain. He chose the sleep massage oil. He came back today to tell me that she slept so well last night and he feels sure that it is due to the oil -Marilyn

Uplift Mood Massage & Bath Oil 

I am a breast cancer survivor and someone gave me as a gift one of your products called Uplift massage and oil. I love using its smell and I use it too with my massages and by baths – especially to help heal my chemotherapy ravaged body. -Sarah Schorr, RN

Detox Renew Massage & Bath

A couple of years ago I injured my shoulder and I have tried everything to help ease the muscle and aches pain. You name it, heating pads and gadgets, exercises, rehab, and of course ton of ibuprofen. I could not believe the difference after using the Detox … My shoulders stay loose and pain free for days at a time. It has taken a chronic pain problem and made it very manageable … Anyone who suffers from muscle tightness or pain should try these products. They will be very satisfied with the results. -Rae Ellen Hill

I am Valerie Bennis, founder, and president of Essence of Vali.  The name of the company is very fitting as my nickname is Vali.  Creating blends that smell beautiful and are used in a sensual and healing way are a creative expression of who I am.  From an early age, I have loved self-care and taking care of others.

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