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High Vibe Aromatics

5 Essential Oils Collection

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Aromatherapy 5 Essential Oils Collection, Peppermint, Lavender, Carrot Seed, Lemon, Frankincence, 

These essential oils  will encourage that zen vibe.

Collection includes 5 Essentail oils:

Peppermint-is invigorating and refreshing and perfect for a foot soak after a long day of shopping or socializing. It is an oil of strength and fortitude for the body, mind and emotions. It is also a wonderful digestive aid, especially this time of the year when our typical diet is stretched to the limits of what is agreeable to our bodies. Dilute one drop in a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the stomach in circular motions after eating, or simply add a peppermint tea to your evening relaxation time.

Carrot Seed-is nourishing and revitalizing. This nutrient rich aromatic including vitamins C, A and B deeply nourishes the adrenal system and increases our resilience to stress. The warm, deep aroma is grounding, balancing and supportive to the liver which can be important this time of year with overconsumption of fats and alcohol.

Lemon- is clarifying and uplifting. Its crisp citrus aroma clears the mind, enhances benevolent feelings and supports focus. Where our attention goes our energy flows, this makes lemon a number one aromatic feeling of overwhelm and to encourage a positive outlook. Used in massage it is wonderful for circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Lavender-is calming and soothing and generates a sense of peace. It is an excellent aromatic for tension headaches, muscular discomfort and soothing those emotional peaks and valleys all too common this time of year. You can make a spray with 15 drops of Lavender in a one ounce bottle of distilled water to mist your sheets and pillow cases before bed to drift off to a restful and restorative nights sleep.

Frankincense-allay anxieties and deppens spiritual reflection. This is an exceptional oil of tranquility, inviting that quietude for pause and reflection that is such a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Add this oil to your meditation or sacred intentional practice to stay centered and connected.


 Adora Winquist, Author. Teacher. Healer. EXPERT IN AROMATHERAPY & VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE 

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