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Halo Therapy

HaloPocket Mini Halogenerator

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The HaloPocket is a breakthrough in the world of salt therapy- the world's smallest true halogenerator. Halotherapy you can fit in your pocket.

Developed by the world's leading halogenerator manufacturer, it delivers all the effectiveness of a full size halogenerator, whilst able to fit in a pocket or bag.

The HaloPocket is designed to be easy to use, every day. Press a single button on the stainless steel body, breathe slowly and deeply, and relax. The entire experience takes less than 5 minutes and requires no clean-up.

Features: Only 7.5”/190mm (length) Fast with 2-3 minute session times Convenient as can use anytime, anywhere Ships with multiple tops for maximum hygiene for different customers Ships with 150 grams of pure pharma salt (300 sessions). Rechargeable battery

This package includes:
▪ 1 No. HaloPocket personal Halogenerator
▪ Pharmaceutical grade salt
▪ Measuring spoon
▪ USB charger
▪ Cleaning brush.

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