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Natures Artifacts

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl

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The Himalayan Salt Bowl is known for its restorative properties, aiding in relaxation and natural healing through yoga and meditation.

This lamp is a beautiful carved bowl made of crystal salt, filled with blocks of Himalayan Salt, the finest salt known to man. These attractive lamps provide more than ambient, soothing light.

Note: Due to their natural and unique quality, each lamp will vary somewhat in color. Coloring ranges from soothing apricot and peach, to deep and fiery red and orange.

All lamps include wooden base, a six-foot UL® Listed electrical cord with bulb of between 7 and 40 watts, based on the lamp's size. For the replacement bulb, please use #C3602.

This lamp is 5” to 6” tall, 4-6 lbs.

•Dimensions: 5” to 6” tall
•Electrical: between 7 and 40 watts
•Suggested Outlet: Adjacent to Unit
•Certifications: CSA/ UL® Listed

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