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Scandi Flower Bracelets

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This Beautifully handcrafted bracelet is named for the swirl of color at the center of its pewter charm: Elv, the Norwegian word for "river." The Scandi Flowers Bracelet / Elv provides a bohemian yet sophisticated accent to any outfit. With a round pewter charm on a brown leather cord and a dot of hand-painted color in the center, surrounded by sweet hand-drawn flowers, this gorgeous bracelet isn't just a piece of jewelry - it's wearable art.

This bracelet is comprised of a 2mm brown leather cord and a pewter charm that is approximately 1 1/16” diameter. The charm is not an exact circle; rather, it's a "charming" shape that speaks to the natural beauty of imperfect things.

 Tim Copeland, was inspired to create a line of jewelry that pays homage to the values of Scandinavian and Nordic cultures. Cooperation, practicality, beauty, and appreciation of the natural world - these are not only touchstones of our northern neighbors in Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden; they also characterize Vermonters, as well as values of Danforth Pewter. 

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