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Nordic Walking Poles, An Easy Exercise For Everyone, Walk Well with Balance Walking

3 min read

Nordic Walking Poles, An Easy Exercise For Everyone, Walk Well with Balance Walking - My Spa Shop

Join the Balance Walking movement - a 15 minute a day program that increases healthy activity and can change the way you look and feel, will help with sleep and with stress reduction. Balance Walking is an incredibly easy way to add some fitness flavor to your life.

There is no gym required since Balance Walking only requires walking poles and walking shoes. Even with just 15 minutes a day, Balance Walking can work up to 90% of your muscles and burn up to 50% more calories than regular walking. That translates to increased strength and endurance for you, as well as more toned abs, buttocks and back muscles. It you are ready to reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve your posture, improve your sleep and start looking and feeling years younger, START Balance Walking Today! Enjoy with a friend Balance Walking Fitness Poles, learn how to create your home fitness gym with our accessories.

Fitness Pillars

Low Impact Activity

This is the major cornerstone of the Balance Walking Program. The technique is based on Balance Pole Walking using specially designed shoes that help increase the calorie burn rate in less time. You will engage your core muscle groups while aligning your body for improved posture and body function. You will burn up to 50% more calories than regular walking.



Stress Reduction

Stress, along with being a contributor to your belt size, is also a factor in many other health issues, including obesity, heart disease, breast cancer and even sleep. Since the goal of Balance Walking is to become healthier and more active, stress reduction is an important cornerstone of the program. This simple approach will rejuvenate your mind and body.


Benefits of Balance Walking ™

The “Balance Walking Movement” is a fit-for-life program that involves simple changes that anyone can do and will help you adjust to a lifestyle that is right for a healthier, more active you, with as little as fifteen minutes per day. You will feel energized, relaxed, well rested,  look and act years younger – no pills – no excuses – you can do this now!

Balance Walking is a proud advocate of the President’s Challenge Physical Activity and Fitness Program.


Food for Life

Throw diets out! They just do not work long-term. Eating is a joy of life that should be enjoyed. By eating less processed and more natural foods, as well as eating smaller portions more often, eating can be both enjoyable and healthy. You’ll stop counting calories and worrying about what you can’t eat, and will be more satisfied. Eat, drink and be merry – life is simple, why do we complicate it?


Maintaining and toning muscles will keep you looking younger and more active. Balance Walking includes some simple non time-consuming ways to maintain and tone your body, which will also kick start your metabolism rate!  The average person loses approximately 30% of their muscle mass between the ages of 20 – 70.


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