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Complementary Wellness Approaches to Support Women with Breast Cancer

3 min read

Complementary Wellness Approaches to Support Women with Breast Cancer - My Spa Shop

With Dr. William Kelley of Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center

Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center features health and personal well-being offerings along with a multidisciplinary team of practicing wellness professionals.       

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we asked Dr. William Kelley, a licensed psychologist and the founder of the Pyramid, to review some of the complementary wellness approaches used at the Pyramid Center to support women with breast cancer.       

"At the Pyramid, we have a team of experts ready to help women become survivors of breast cancer,” said Dr. Kelley.  “There are many complementary approaches and treatments that can be used quite safely along with a traditional clinical regimen.  But we always advise a woman undergoing conventional treatment to check with her medical provider first.”  

Dr. Kelley outlined the following options available at the Pyramid Center in Vermont and that may be available to women in other areas of the country.       


The Pyramid’s Homeopathic doctor uses natural homeopathic remedies to support whatever traditional medical treatment the client is using. Remedies such as mineral supplements are selected personally for each client.  For more information about homeopathic approaches, Bill recommends the following websites:

“You really need a homeopathic doctor to match up specific remedies for you because it is very personal, and we don't want people picking their own because the wrong one may not be helpful at all,” said Dr. Kelley.

One of the Pyramid’s 10 Reiki practitioners, including Dr. Kelley, would use Reiki to reduce pain and the anxiety associated with dealing with the stress of this illness. Tools of Reiki practice include Reiki massage table, linens, relaxing music, candles, and chakra stones. For more information about Reiki, Dr. Kelley suggests the following resource:
Reiki Massage Therapy

The Pyramid’s hypnotherapist would further enhance pain reduction by offering suggestions for relaxation, as well as for speeding up the healing process on a cellular level. Hypnotic suggestions include envisioning the body surrounded and filled with white or gold healing energy, and envisioning the healthy cells in the body growing stronger and multiplying.  The hypnotherapists may use relaxing music, a meditation timer, gong, bell, or chime to enhance the state of deep relaxation and focus.  For more information about clinical hypnosis, consult http://nccam.nih.gov/research/results/spotlight/122606.htm

Tellington Touch

Tellington Touch is a gentle approach like Reiki that can help in the healing of trauma and scarring, both the emotional and physical.  “The Pyramid’s T-Touch practitioner would use that modality after any operation because it can aid in reducing swelling and pain in the affected area, and sometimes equally or even more important, bring a sense of love and reconnection to a part of the body that the client may have dissociated from during the disease and pain”, said Dr. Kelley. “T-Touch brings new awareness to the cells and helps them function at their highest potential, thus speeding up healing and recovery.”  For additional information about Tellington Touch, see http://www.ttouch.com/whatisTTouch.shtml. 
Lymphatic De-Congestion

The Pyramid’s Lymphatic De-Congestive therapist uses a machine called the Lymphstar Pro to increase lymphatic flow in the affected areas, helping the person deal with edema, inflammation, and pain following an operation, according to Dr. Kelley. Stimulating the lymphatic system will give the body a greater chance of dealing with the cancer and the after effects of operations and treatments.  For more information about Lymphatic De-Congestive Therapy see the following resource: http://www.rsurvivorshop.com/lymphstar_pro.pdf. 
The Pyramid Center’s Henna artist also believes strongly that henna on the head after treatments helps the client feel more confident about her appearance, and the beauty of the henna art will enhance the healing as well. See http://www.hennatattoos.com/about/.


After treatments have ended, Dr. Kelley recommends spending time in Pyramid’s Himalayan Salt Cave to improve circulation and other bodily functions, reduce anxiety, and restore balance to the body's minerals.

Therapy, Massage and Laughter

“One of our therapists is always available to help process the emotions that come up during the entire experience to help the client make peace with the illness and transition into the next healthy phase of life’” said Dr. Kelley. Therapists can also help loved ones get through the illness and regroup when treatment has concluded.  “At the Pyramid, our experienced massage therapists also know when it is safe to offer massage, which can also help with stress reduction, and can speed up the return of blood flow and healing in the body.”

“We also use Laughter & Laughter Yoga with many breast cancer support groups and organizations. Participants simply feel better, have less pain and increased energy levels. Plus, everyone can laugh when times are good, but how does one laugh when faced with challenges?”  Dr. Kelley observed that laughter helps to create a positive mental state to deal with negative situations and stressful times. It gives hope and optimism to cope with these difficulties.

Whatever the challenges faced by a woman with Breast Cancer, there are many complementary approaches to well-being that can be considered.  Dr. Kelley’s Pyramid Center is just such a place that offers a variety of professional approaches to help women down the path of healing.

Click here for additional Breast Cancer support resources.

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