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Body Detoxification by Dr. Arthur Presser

4 min read

Body Detoxification by Dr. Arthur Presser - My Spa Shop

There are many reasons why body detoxification is important. If you are breathing air of the 20th century, consuming food of the 20th century, gulping down water from the 20th century and either living or working doors, truth is that you’re most likely ingesting and storing toxins in your organ system. Worst yet, you’re storing them faster than your body can get rid of them.

Since WWII, our society has been following the “better living through chemistry” notion. There are tens upon thousands of known chemical in use. It is only now that we are educating ourselves as to which ones cause damage to our genetics, causing multitudes of mutations and contributing to terminal and degenerative diseases. Just about everything is loaded with toxins.

In just the USA, there are literally millions of toxic substances that are released into the air. It’s very rare to find clean air now. You can even see it for yourself when you look up through the brown haze over the metropolitan areas. Substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, nickel and aluminum find themselves into our bodies and bombard our tissues and organ system. To further illustrate how easily we can absorb toxins, studies now show that second-hand cigarette smoke can be just as bad as smoking itself which loads the body up with carcinogens.

It is a sad fact that the foods we eat today are a huge source of toxic chemicals. It is no longer a source of only nutrition and minerals. When you take a look at the ingredients on the labels of packaged food, you’ll be amazed at how many chemicals there are (ranging from preservatives to stabilizers to artificial coloring). Even in the meat, they are loaded with antibiotic and hormone substances. Fish is loaded with DDT and mercury. Fruits are laden with fungicides, pesticides, ripening agents and more.

It’s also no secret that our waterways and oceans are contaminated. Because of industrial wastes, chemical from agriculture, acid rain, and so forth, the drinking water supplies become compromised. Then, the public health agencies put chemicals into the water again to kill the microbial content.

In a statement by the Environmental Protection Agency, the levels of pollutants inside of building can be as much as 100 times greater than outdoor pollution. These chemicals are coming from office machines, paint, carpets, etc.

There seems to be no end to toxic substances. Many times, women use creams and over-the-counter cosmetic products to firm or radiate their skin, forgetting the fact that those very products are loaded with chemicals, too. It is a nasty negative feedback loop.  Body detoxification neutralizes the effect of these toxins on the body.

Fortunately our body is a self-cleaning system. While we store many toxins, the body has self purifying machinery. Unfortunately, many toxins are stored in fatty tissue and are not always released easily into the aforementioned self-cleaning system. Furthermore, the liver spends much of its energy detoxifying toxic chemicals by transforming them into harmless metabolites and excreting them; and the kidneys helps purify the blood. When you consider that the operation of our hard working organs can only be as good as how well we take care of them, we must ask ourselves if we are overwhelming them with excess poisons. Are we eating foods high in fiber and antioxidants? Are we drinking enough pure liquids? Are we avoiding coffee, alcohol, and synthetic food and drinks? Are we getting enough rest? Are we beating up on our bodies? Are we exercising regularly?

Depending on the answer to the above questions, you could be developing, or have developed a toxic body. A toxic body may manifest itself in many different ways. Some of the symptoms of toxicity are: gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive disorders, headaches, chronic fatigue and weakness, general and ongoing flu-like symptoms, chronic aches and pains, chronic and degenerative diseases, skin problems, allergies, PMS, depression, arthritis, and much more.

A natural approach to cleansing the body includes responsible fasting (juice fasting is an option), increasing water consumption, exercise, and herbal support. When not overloaded and given the chance, the body is a wonderful machine, and can do an amazing job cleansing itself. Sometimes one has to take a few steps back and undo a little abuse before one can move forward to a new higher level of health. Sometimes we need to utilize a serious detoxification program.

There are many good cleansing programs available on the market today, lending a helping hand to the detoxification process. Decide whether you are more comfortable mixing powder drinks, or prefer using more convenient tablets or capsules. Choose a product manufactured by a reliable company. There are far too many products on the market promoted by here-today/gone tomorrow marketing companies and laboratories that are more hype than substance.

Herbs that have been used for centuries to cleanse, purify, soothe and support various body organs and systems include: Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Cascara Sagrada, Echinacea, Yellow Dock, Mexican Sarsaparilla Root, Burdock Root, Golden Seal, Cleavers Herb, Rose Hips, Carrot Oil, Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm, Nettle, Couch Grass, and Ginger Root. Look for a product that contains a combination of many these.

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