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Mexican Riviera

2 min read

Mexican Riviera - My Spa Shop

Mexican Mayan Riviera

Mayan spirituality is a faith that embraces nature's elements and includes meditation, ceremonial dance and indigenous rituals. Mayan culture is known for: Cleansing Rituals, Architecture lending itself to connection with the outdoors, Ultimately accurate calendar system, Sculpture and ceramics, Quality of living. Experience the following:

* Personal renewal through Mayan rituals set in quiet, lush, verdant environments where all senses are soothed and calmed by nature and history.
* The art of ancient Mayan natural rituals and healing ceremonies rediscovered.     
* Mangrove forests, ocean proximity, tropical temperatures, natural gardens, and the spirit of the Mayan peoples set the tone for a magnificent curative experience.
* The Temezcal, a true Mayan Experience.

In the Mexican Riviera, the echoes of an ancient Mayan culture can still be heard. Centuries ago, sacred ritual dominated the culture as Mayan shamans sought ways to connect the physical body to the gods and cosmos through fasting, meditation, and ceremonial dance.

Perhaps the spiritual ways of the Mayan are captured most spectacularly by the Cenotes and Temezcal ceremonies. Cenotes are vast sinkholes found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula containing fresh groundwater. Cenotes played a vital role in Mayan culture and important settlements were built around these natural wells, including the famous Chichén Itzá. The Mayans believed these million-year-old pools were “gateways to the afterlife” and made sacrifices there to underworld gods. Even now, relaxing in the sacred peace of pure cenote waters is magical.

The temezcal (meaning “stone house where life is protected”) is a womb-like, clay enclosure where Mayans performed a sacred sweat. Using the essential elements of fire, stone, water and air, the temezcal was a place to heal and be reborn. While intense, it is said that the temezcal “never harms, only hugs.”

MySpaShop.com enthusiasts can enjoy a modern day form of the temezcal at The Rosewood Spa in Mayakoba, where the ritual is performed in true Mayan custom with a local Shaman to guide you in the ultimate relaxation and purification experiences.

No plans to visit the Mexican Riviera soon? MySpaShop.com can help you recreate some of the cleansing rituals for body, mind and spirit using natural based herb and botanical products inspired by the ancient ways of the Mayans.


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mexico spa journey mexico spa journey
mexico spa journey mexico spa journey
mexico spa journey mexico spa journey

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