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Feng Shui + Imperfection

2 min read

Feng Shui + Imperfection - My Spa Shop

imperfect pot

Feng Shui + Imperfection by Judith Wendell

I have recently been reading about the Japanese art and philosophy kintsugi (pronounced ‘keen -tsu-gee’). Kintsugi, which translates as “golden joinery”, is a repair technique that uses a special lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum, to fix a ceramic object in a way that highlights (rather than hides) the damage. It celebrates the defect or breakage as part of the object’s history.

blue white imperfect pot

According to legend, the craft was invented when 15th-century shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa broke his favorite Chinese tea bowl and sent it back to China to be repaired. The bowl was returned, fixed, but held together by ugly metal staples. The coarseness of the repair spurred a Japanese craftsman to find a more elegant repair solution. Kintsugi became the art of not merely fixing a broken object but transforming it into something more beautiful.

We live in a modern world seemingly obsessed with things being prefect. Celebrating the beauty of imperfection, has great appeal and potential for healing. Candice Kumai’s book “Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit”, emphasizes how we can celebrate ourselves by celebrating our vulnerability and imperfection.

So why do I bring this concept of kintsugi up in relation to feng shui? As we probably know, feng shui is the art of living in harmony with nature. For me that means treading gently on the earth, repairing what we can and leaving behind a healthier, more beautiful environment.

plant on wood box

Like nature, the feng shui of any environment is always changing along with the people who live there. Arranging spaces and the objects in them is not an exact or perfect science. Analyzing the feng shui of a room, home or office can be very specific but how that information is translated, must incorporate ‘imperfection’.

This means considering the architecture, existing furnishings, the need for function, and the tastes and budget of the owners. Yet, creating beauty, balance and good chi flow is always possible and does not need to be ‘perfect’ to be effective.

Working to optimized ‘imperfect’ environments to enhance the fortunes of my clients, is what brings me to appreciate the art of kintsugi in my practice. As we start to emerge from winter to spring, enhancing your home and workplace with feng shui will offer you many advantages throughout the year. Give me a call and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Celebrate the Imperfect – You may realize how Truly Perfect it is.

Wishing you all good fortune, Judith

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