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5 Simple Ways to Up Your Joy & Creativity this Season

2 min read

5 Simple Ways to Up Your Joy & Creativity this Season - My Spa Shop

5 Simple Ways to Up Your Joy & Creativity this Season

 Here’s to activating our personal power & go forth in good health and optimism!

Judith & Sacred Currents

Feng Shui metal sculpture

As we officially begin the holiday season, gratitude is certainly a worthwhile virtue to embody. However let’s take a step back to understand this season and its meaning from a Feng Shui perspective.

Late Autumn is associated with the Metal element (if you haven’t read about the 5 Elements before, check them out here). The Metal element is connected to our Joy, Creativity, and Benefactors on the Feng Shui Bagua or template. If you want to locate this area in your home it is the West and NW directions in Classic Feng Shui, or in the right front and right mid-section of your home (as you view it from your front door) in the BTB methodology.

Feng Shui baugua creativity

In a individual, the chi of Metal is virtue itself. Speaking up for what is just, right and ethical is Metal in balance. When Metal is balanced you have the ability to complete things in a timely fashion allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Balanced Metal also indicates that you have helpful people (benefactors) in your life and can manifest more when needed…and that you have the ability to support others as well!  Shop Danforth Pewter Gifts 

Simple Ways to up yourJoy & Creativity this Season:

  • Add the colors grey, white silver, gold or copper to this area.
    Buy a round mirror & hang it here.
  • Add black & white photos of your friends & loving family members.
  • If you are in the market for a table, get a round metal & glass one.
  • Place your electronics in this sector – yes, this counts! 

You’ll know if you have too much Metal in your life if you are overly demonstrative or self-righteous. Conversely, if you have a very low amount of Metal, your chi appears shy or withdrawn. Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle

These imbalances can be corrected with personal chi adjustment and/or adjusting (adding or subtracting) the Metal element in this sector of your environment.

Gift Certificates:

These are available for classes, virtual and on-site consultations. Please write me and I will help you find a gift that meets your needs and budget.

The first step in making a positive change with Sacred Currents Feng Shui is to call for a free assessment of your needs. Every consultation is personalized for your individual situation using a prescriptive system of integrative design to achieve the maximum results within your budget – and your confidentiality is always respected.

Wishing you Joy this season.

And may your heart be filled with gratitude.

Judith & Sacred Currents

Feng Shui Consulting -Space Clearing – Integrative Interior Design
For Commercial + Residential Environments
Judith Wendell  212-410-1832   917-903-9390 

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