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Rest & Relaxation -Spa Wellness for Your Home

1 min read

Rest & Relaxation -Spa Wellness for Your Home - My Spa Shop

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Dornbracht, a company known for its high-end spa showers, is entering the at-home wellness market.

Not only are wellness equipment and features a big demand in new residential builds, we’re seeing more and more homeowners want to “go pro” with commercial-level, high quality, reliable equipment. Just as the high-end residential market looks to commercial-grade appliances in the kitchen, 5-star bathroom amenities and mattresses on par with the bed found in a favorite hotel, so, too, are they seeking out quality spa amenities like Klafs Saunas and Dornbracht for spa showers. Cutting-edge commercial grade smart automation products are also being deployed for at-home saunas, giving users the convenience of, say, heating up their sauna while en route, and helping them to monitor and improve energy consumption at home. 

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 “Read more about the 2023 spa & wellness trends here”.

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