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Klafs SaltProX

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There are many good reasons for a sauna or infrared cabin. Here's one more! With SaltProX, any sauna or infrared cabin can be converted into a salt inhalation room, because we designed it for use in heating cabins as only here the humidity can be adjusted to less than 40% relative humidity without a problem, so that a pleasant microclimate with a high salt-aerosol concentration is created. This dry salt aerosol is distributed evenly in the cabin. The result: maximum benefit for you with minimum effort.

The Microsalt SaltProX’s invisible grinding technology generates a particularly fine salt aerosol, which spreads gently throughout a sauna natural rock salt used in the Microsalt SaltProX is 99% sodium chloride, the highest purity level available in nature

Microsalt SaltProX brings salt therapy to any room in your house. The device works great in a sauna, but its benefits can also be experienced in a bedroom, office or studio.

Microsalt SaltProX is designed to produce a sufficient salt concentration in a room about 500 cubic feet (or approx. 8' x 8' x 8'). Relative humidity should not exceed 40%.

 >Place the device in a warm, dry space, turn on the main switch, and insert the salt container. Press the start/stop button and the Microsalt SaltProX begins to produce its dry salt-aerosol. Ten minutes later, it produces an optimal dry salt concentration for inhalation. After an hour the device automatically switches off.

 >Mounting the unit is simple. The device is fastened to the wall with a supplied wall holding bracket which can be easily removed at any time. A fully charged battery typically provides three to five sessions.


Included with your Microsalt SaltProX:

Salt dispenser with 50 salt sticks (1 salt stick is good for a 60-minute session)

Cleaning brush


Cleaning cloth

USB charging cable

Salt cup

Small tube with three grinding balls (each grinding ball is good for 20 uses)

Fastening screws for wall bracket

SaltProX operating instructions

Microsalt background information

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