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Spring Awakenings by Kristin Shaw

Spring Awakenings by Kristin Shaw

I don’t know about you but I’m a bit winter weary so Spring can’t come soon enough. I love this time of year when the world appears to be bursting at the seams! The snow is melting, the buds are starting to emerge, open windows usher in fresh air, birds and bunnies begin to awaken out of their winter slumber and I can finally lock away my coat and cold weather gear!

I find it to be a very inspiring season. For most of us January 1st symbolizes renewal and change but for some, the vernal equinox is the time of year to connect with the earth, till the soil, and cultivate a fruitful year so to speak. I bet there’s a few of you who have already fallen off the diet and exercise wagon or have failed to keep your commitment to your, “this year I promise to” list so think of March 20th as a “do over” of your New Year’s resolutions.

The vernal equinox marks a day of balance between the light and the dark, the day when the sun is in equal distance to the northern and southern hemispheres. We experience 12 hrs of daylight (and conversely 12 hrs of night) and the days keep getting longer until the earth returns to balance again at the autumnal equinox. For centuries many cultures have celebrated this day with festivals and rituals to usher in the Spring, marking the time of planting seeds for the fall harvest.

We too can plant seeds of change for the coming year. Here’s how…

  • Resolve to step boldly into a new you.Use this day to reflect on what is no longer serving you. Set your intention for what you wish to change and what you can do throughout the year to manifest your vision. Enhance motivation, insight & fearless creativity; effortlessly have more focus and get more done with Lotus Wei Inspired Action Flower Elixir
  • Springtime ignites the body’s natural cycle of cleansing. Purify your mind/body with a renewed diet, taking advantage of the arrival of spring veggies and fruits or try a true gift from nature in Nefeli's Herbal Supplement, Complete Balance.  This Chinese and Tibetan botanical-based formula helps the body maintain its ultimate inner balance while improving the body’s overall health and well-being..
  • Be the tree. In the Chinese 5 element, spring is associated with the wood element which represents the life force of new beginnings and growth.In yoga, we practice tree pose to symbolize the energy, flexibility and vibrancy of new life. To practice this pose one needs to be firmly connected to the earth, like the roots of a tree. Your upper body extends and expands towards the sky like branches. The yogis say that if you can hold this pose with comfort and ease it mirrors your emotional and mental states. 
  • Breathe in possibility. Begin a practice of alternate nostril breathing not only to keep your lungs and nasal passages open but also to fire up your energy channels, improve brain power and calm your nerves. Breathe easy with Buddha Nose’s Chest Salve .
March 20th marks the day when the earth springs to life. Let this day inspire you to blossom with renewed energy and zeal, opening yourself to possibility and opportunity.
Click here for more information on nostril, and other alternate breathing techniques.


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