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Create Your Own Girlfriend Spa Getaway by Carole Tessier

Create Your Own Girlfriend Spa Getaway by Carole Tessier

he By  Carole Tessier

Treat yourself. Be good to yourself. Take time out for YOU... and your friends. 

I’m sure many of you have heard this advice – as well as most of your girlfriends. Who wouldn’t want to take time out from a hectic schedule to experience the pleasures of indulgence or pampering? And what better way to indulge than with a spa getaway and what better excuse than for the holidays! 

Ah yes, the spa life. It’s easy to imagine a soothing algae face mask or relaxation massage, but for many, a luxurious stay at a Grand Resort Spa is an out-of-reach fantasy. So why not turn this fantasy into reality by doing the next best thing – your own spa getaway, custom made for you and your girlfriends! 

You can create your own “smooth & soothe” spa experience by creating a treatment menu and scheduled program, like any legitimate 5-star spa resort, filling it with sumptuous delights, events and services that pamper, invigorate and rejuvenate. 

Start by finding the ideal location – a quaint little countryside oasis perhaps? Then divvy up details according to your sisterhood’s talents and expertise. 

The “crafty” one can put together gift-baskets filled with wonderful spa related items and keepsakes, from fluffy slippers and bath salts, to an eye pillow and gourmet chocolates.  

The “soul” sister can create the peaceful and serene ambiance with aromatherapy candlessoothing music and self-empowering books.

Have your “esthetician at heart” dig up spa treatment recipes for facials, masks, peels, pedicures and body massages. Or bring your own ready-made products! There’s no reason why you can’t give these treatments yourselves; however, you could consider the services of a mobile spa. 

Put your true “foodie” and known “social director” to the test by having them coordinate the food menu and entertainment. Try re-creating international cuisine fit for guests of a world-class spa, play interactive games and plan for book club dinner discussions. 

And finally, have your “guru” sister incorporate animated yoga, meditation and sports activities.  

Besides leaving you with a renewed sense of energy and well-being, your spa getaway will also prove be a gentle reminder of your precious friendships.

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