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TARA's Tanning Tips and Truths

TARA's Tanning Tips and Truths





With high-quality sun care products that offer effective sun protection, and a little commonsense, you can enjoy years of outdoor activities and safe tanning. Here are important tips to keep in mind during sun exposure:

Avoid rubbing sunscreen into the skin quickly.  For the most beneficial results, dab lotion generously on sun sensitive areas and lay the lotion thinly on the rest of the body. Let it set on the skin 1 minute then rub into the skin. Take time to tan, building a base slowly with short exposures.

Use a sunscreen of  SPF 15 or greater.  TARA Sun Therapy Ultra SPF 15 uses a natural ingredient for both UVA & UVB protection. Few people realize that tanning is the body’s natural defense against harmful UV rays.  It is excessive exposure to the sun that results in wrinkles, dry skin, brown spots, and skin cancer.

Prolong your tan while moisturizing your skin with TARA Sun Therapy Rehydrator Lotion.  Ideal for dry skin conditions and maintaining healthy, balanced skin.

Cool down with a fresh burst of TARA Sun Therapy Lavender Face & Body Mist. This perfect poolside spritz hydrates the skin in the heat of the day, while helping to relieve mild sunburn.

Treat sunburn immediately with TARA Sun Therapy soothing Recovery Gel. This cooling aloe vera gel offers fast-acting  relief to sunburned or irritated skin.

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