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The Daily Shave - If You Must, You Must

The Daily Shave - If You Must, You Must

The Daily Shave - If You Must, You Must

by Scott Stuart, Senior Vice President of Sales, Razor MD

No matter the stage of your life, whether you are a grad, a groom, or a dad in the busy throes of raising a family, if you are a man, you probably need to shave on a daily basis. And chances are, it feels like a chore that you would just as soon skip, and you find yourself looking forward to the weekends when you let your beard get the best of you. Most of the time, though, it’s a necessary evil, so you might as well enjoy doing it well, right? Here are some helpful shaving tips that will keep you looking and feeling your best:

1. First step is the prep - guys, do yourself a favor and take a hot shower before you shave. Why risk taking a sharp blade to your face without making sure you've opened and relaxed your pores? When I rush or am in a bad mood, it's a veritable bloodbath at the sink. Done well, the ritual of shaving can be like yoga or meditation, relaxing and therapeutic, and not culminating with a face like a prizefighter. This step alone will deliver a better, smoother, and safer shave.

2. Next is the pre-shave - we recommend using our pre-shave oil to moisturize the skin, loosen the beard and help the razor to glide freely on your face.

3. Now, let's get our shave on -we highly recommend using a badger hair

shave brush. This tool is definitely the most overlooked piece by the majority of men, who may not be familiar with its terrific features; it applies the shave cream evenly, getting deeply into coarse beards, while at the same time conserving the product and keeping your dirty hands away from your face (which could cause breakouts). A good badger hair shave brush (featured here in our iGrip Black Shave Set) can last for decades, making it well worth the investment.

Obviously, it goes without saying that a quality razor is essential to achieving a close, comfortable shave.

Once done shaving, rinse off your face with lukewarm to slightly cold water, helping to close any cuts or nicks. Gently pat your face dry (don’t rub!) with a clean towel and thoroughly rinse your razor and brush to eliminate any bacteria from gathering. Store these items in a dry place to prevent mold and mildew.

4. Post shave time, almost done - we recommend using our alcohol-free, post-shave balm that will calm your beard and help minimize any cuts or redness.

BONUS TIP:If do have to end up with any minor cuts or slight bleeding, a great thing to have in your bag of tricks is a styptic pencil - just wet it and rub over the cut, closing wound instantly and making way for the healing phase. Coming soon, Razor MD will be launching a Match-Book style set of styptic sticks to keep with you when traveling or in case of any shaving emergencies.

Lastly, it's important to use an oil-free, alcohol-free moisturizer on your entire face after shaving. For pete’s sake, you just took a sharp blade to your face and it needs to heal and begin to re-hydrate. By using an oil-free product, you eliminate the risk of having a shiny face. Also, alcohol based after-shave products will dry out your face and then your skin will produce more oil to compensate, more shiny face syndrome. Not good.

With a little bit of time and investment, your daily shave can be less of a chore. And who knows? You might even start to enjoy it.

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