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Face Washing 101 by Good For You Girls

Face Washing 101 by Good For You Girls

It's a simple process but here are four easy to follow recommendations and tips for a flawless face wash. Face Washing 101 is taught by the experts at Good For You Girls and is a great way to prepare for the nerve-racking yet exciting first day of school.

1.Pull back your hair: With a hair wrap, headband or hair tie pull all your hair off of your face. You can't effectively wash your face with hair in the way.

2. Cleanser: Apply a dime size amount of cleanser to a wet palm. Rub hands to create lather.  Massage lather onto your face in small circular motions. The circular motion will help to loosen clogged pores. Don't forget, forehead right up to the hairline, between eyes, under chin and the little creases aside of your nose as they are important places for dirt to hide. Completely rinse with water either by splashing your face or use a wet face cloth until all cleanser is removed.

3. Toner:  After washing wet a cotton ball or square with toner. We like the squares because they hold together better than cotton balls. Gently wipe toner over entire face from ear to ear and from forehead to neck. Pay special attention to areas of concern such as hairline and aside of nose. You do not need to rub. Our toner does not contain any alcohol so it will not sting or burn but be confident it is working to not only target bacteria deep in the pores it helps prepare your skin to receive moisturizer.

4. Moisturizer: Moisturizing is an important step that all skin types will benefit from. Our moisturizer will help protect your skin from outside toxins while sealing in necessary moisture. Lightweight and shine free it’s perfect for those with oily skin too because it contains essential fatty acids that help break up excess sebum production. Apply a small amount of moisturizer to fingertips and apply small dots around your face. Then use both hands to evenly spread. Remember to apply to your neck as well.

Tip: For smooth soft lips, apply moisturizer to lips at night.

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