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Essence of Vali

Good Morning/Good Night Gift Set

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Good Morning & Good Night Mist Set. Wellness holiday gift sets.

Refresh Energy Mist (2 oz): Rejuvenating and energizing essences will boost your energy during those mid afternoon slumps or any time you need a pick-me-up. All the essences come from the peel of fruit – very sunny and uplifting. Gently shake bottle and spray around room to freshen air or use as a body mist, avoiding contact with face and eyes.

Sleep Massage & Bath Oil (1 oz): Before bedtime, massage well into the skin all over your body. You can also massage a small amount above upper lip and inhale the relaxing aroma. Use after bath or shower while skin is still moist to moisturize and scent the skin. Bath Oil - Fill tub and pour in 1-2 capfuls. Swirl water with hands to distribute oil evenly.

2 Sleep Mini Concentrates (.02 oz): The concentrate is the most potent of the sleep collection. A drop is all it takes. Tip bottle to release a drop onto the corner of the pillowcase. You can also put a drop on a tissue or cotton ball and tuck into the corner of the pillowcase. 

Purity: 100% Natural, 100% Vegan

Manufactured: NYC, NY

Ingredients: Sleep: Essential oils of lavender, marjoram & cedarwood. Base for mist: distilled water. Mini concentrate is pure essential oils only. Refresh:  Essential oils of lemon, orange & grapefruit. Base for mist: distilled water. 

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