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Balance Boards

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Balance Boards.The ideal pairing with your standing desk! This balance board for standing desks prevents standing fatigue, creates peak comfort and maximum productivity through ACTIVE standing. The repositionable foam legs remove strain on your body by providing cushioning and providing effortless encouragement for compact micro movements to avoid the pain resulting from sedentary behaviour.

The Active Office Board makes standing feel like more like floating, reduces foot fatigue and joint soreness. Take your productivity up a notch by keeping your body active and mind focused.

The silent non-marking legs stick anywhere on the board with velcro, allowing you to customize your experience by increasing or decreasing the amount of movement.

The slim design slips easily under your desk, encourages good posture and can be used as a multi-angle calf stretcher.

  • Strengthens core stabilizing muscles
  • Reduces foot fatigue & joint soreness
  • Works well for stretching calves & feet
  • Makes standing feel more like floating
  • Decreases amount of static sitting/standing
  • Encourages micro-movements while standing
  • Silent, non-marking legs provide cushion & encourage proper posture
  • Tailor movement to your preference by rearranging the legs
  • Foam legs compress with time & frequent use - extra leg sets available in both Original & new Firm foam

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