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5" ANANDA Meditation Cushion, Meditation Zen Room Essentials

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Find blissful comfort during your meditation practice with the elegant, streamlined, eco-conscious ANANDA cushion. Designed for optimal comfort, ANANDA is 14” diametre and available in 3 different heights (3”, 5” or 7”) to adjust to your body and your practice.  The 5" height is the most universal, and the most popular.

The beautiful HUM fabric designs have been specifically created to subtly support your meditation with patterning on pattern, message inside message — sacred calligraphic art and the resonant treatment of our mantra, our word: HUM.  Mandalas and Mantras will resonate along with you during your meditation.  Learn more about our fabric designs and find the one that speaks to you HERE.

Mindfully made in Canada with 100% certified organic cotton canvas, hand filled with 100% certified organic Canadian buckwheat hulls.

For ultimate comfort, place your Ananda cushion on a colour coordinated Shakti Floor Cushion.

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