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Kerstin Florain

ANDA Super Creme

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The ultimate multi-function skin revitalizer. 80 ml / 2.7 FL OZ 

Vital nutrients in Caviar Lime, Alfalfa and Microalgae

Emollient multi-function cream wraps skin snugly in soothing revitalizing moisture as it gently refines to leave skin soft, smooth and renewed.

• Caviar Lime – rich in polyphenols and organic acids, stimulates exfoliation immediately and over time for noticeably smoother, brighter skin
• Alfalfa – similar in action to retinol but without the irritation, strenthens and brightens skin as it combats wrinkles and cell degradation
• Microalgae – sustainably-produced and highly nutritious, helps boost skin function, prevent wrinkles and dryness, and combat skin fatigue

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