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Stress Reduction and Wellness Additives Through Yoga

2 min read

Stress Reduction and Wellness Additives Through Yoga - My Spa Shop

Yoga and Stress. This is a topic that comes up with our customers and followers every single day. They want to know how we, as creators of luxe yoga mats and accessories, approach yoga within our own lives.

Many of us are parents juggling careers and full-time households, raising good kids while working 10+ hour days and rarely seeing the outside world other than the dim and din of a computer screen. We’re passionate about communicating that we ARE so much like everyone else in that we internalize the stress of our lives and know we have to decompress daily to maintain focus and balance - for us, for our families and for our livelihood as a whole. How do we manage this? We manage it with yoga. Not exclusively; some of us are runners, kickboxers, dancers, and weekend warriors, but we all know that the intrinsic wholeness we receive from the centering, the breathing, the release of the ego that yoga demands, is without question essential to our well-being.

Get in Line. We know that proper body alignment can help even the gal sporting the high stilettos trucking down the street each day; can improve her body, her mind, and her spirit.  And if you haven't had the benefit of experiencing it yourself yet, you certainly have heard from others about the immediate stress release one experiences from even a five-minute yoga exercise. No longer pop culture talk or a flash in the pan trend, yoga heals the mind and is an unbeatable anchor when managing the rages of stress hormones and cortisol that surges each time we allow our daily responsibilities to overcome and overwhelm us.

A Bevy of Benefits.There are numerous other benefits to be gained from maintaining a regular yoga practice than those that are more obvious. The meditation, deep relaxation, gentle stretching and breathing that are integral to most forms of yoga are extremely helpful for people dealing with traumatic events. There is research that shows that yoga can help those who struggle with back pain, migraines, depression and eating disorders. Yoga can help alleviate a cold, can ease the anguish of grieving, and can significantly lessen pain, improve sleep and even reduce anxiety in cancer patients. We know from our own experiences the immense sleep benefits - like seriously sleeping sounder after faithfully incorporating yoga as your own stress release button.

Embrace the Possible. The Universe is turning in such a way that to imagine a world where we all live stress-free lives is virtually impossible. What is possible is to embrace the living proof that any small measure you take to incorporate a working yoga practice into your daily craziness will most certainly give you a calmer day, more peaceful sleep and a stronger psyche to take on the new challenges.


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