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Bhutan South Asia

Bhutan South Asia









Shaped by rain, wind and sea, Kauai is a subtropical garden that nurtures romance in all its glory. The garden isle inspires the senses with the striking beauty of eroded cliffs, cascading waterfalls and fertile lava soil. Hawaiian culture is much alive on Kauai and rich in customs and traditions.
While in Kauai, indulge yourself with the many wellness products embodying the exuberant fragrances, striking colors, and tropical accents of the island.  Ingredients indigenous to Kauai include sugar, coffee, macadamia, coconut, mango, avocado, kava, jasmine, wild ginger and kiwi.
Spa services on Kauai bring together traditional Hawaiian healing methods, eastern medicine, and contemporary western techniques in seamless synergy.
Or, to keep it cozy, try your own couples massage or spa treatment in the privacy of your quarters. Incorporate the healing properties of the indigenous herbs and plants of the lush tropics.  The potent minerals and trace elements from the ocean aid in rejuvenation. Get back to the basics and explore life in the beauty of unspoiled nature.
With a calm mind, you’re free to absorb. Like the fertile soil all around you, Kauai provides you with endless opportunities for true romance to flourish.

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