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Holland - My Spa Shop

Holland, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is often called Holland.  In reality, North and South Holland in the western Netherlands are only two of the country's twelve provinces.  The three largest city; Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag are located in the North and South Holland provinces where most of the trading, finances and foreign affairs take place.  

Bicycling is the most popular means of transportation.  Every person in the Netherlands owns 2.1 bike per person regardless of age. Children at the age of two start riding a bike.

One third of the Netherlands is below sea level which has taught the Dutch to embrace water.  

Orange is the Color of the Netherlands.  As the Dutch continue a hierarchy structure their royalty’s last name is Orange; “Oranje” with every international football game, bike race and Olympic game the Dutch are dressed in orange.  On April 29 the entire country celebrates queen’s day and on that day everything eaten, drunken and worn is orange.

Want to blend in with Dutch locals:

1.  Visit the most northern island of the Netherlands
2.  Bicycling
3.  Sitting out side on a terrace watching people during a sunny day
4.  Socialize with family
5.  Drink Coffee

Top tourist attractions
1. Keukenhof tulip garden
2. Heineken brewery
3. Shoe Shopping in Amsterdam
4.  Visit delta work in Rotterdam

Photo Gallery
holland windmills
holland winter windmill
holland cafes
amsterdam skyline
holland tulips
holland tulips

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