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Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

3 min read

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions - My Spa Shop

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions by Adora Winquist

Adora sits down with Vitamin Shoppe Part I


Q: First things first: CAN 'lose weight' be an achievable and realistic goal?

A: I think that we ultimately want to FEEL BETTER: Better about ourselves, our bodies, our energy, our mood, and our clarity. The concept and idea of “losing weight” focuses on the symptom, not the solution. To feel better, we need to revolutionize how we view our practices on self-care and self-love. I believe that all change first starts with an invitation. What do you want to invite in for your greater holistic health and wellbeing in this moment as well as this year? Start general. That way, neither the body or mind can put up a wall of resistance to change, which is sometimes a natural psychological response.

“I invite in the full expression of my most vibrant, healthy body and being.”

Then, form your intention. Keep this intention fluid and expansive by refraining from a time or weight deadline or goal. Sometimes our greatest vitality comes more from weight distribution and increasing muscle mass than from weight loss. Creating a consistent habit practice with this intention and healthy, balanced nutritional and exercise choices will foster positive momentum. Adding an affirmation and a pure essential oil like lemon orblack pepper will anchor this intention in your brain and cellular consciousness to enhance this system within your mind-body connections.

“I give myself permission to be healthy and whole physically, mentally,

emotionally, and spiritually.”

Q: What are some other reframing and rephrasing that someone might use instead of "lose weight" that could help them achieve weight loss through a happy side-effect?

A: I would ultimately rephrase this to a holistic goal of feeling better and honoring the body as a temple. Our bodies navigate our desires for life and creative expression. They are our conduits for joy, pleasure, and harmony. Ultimately in our highest alignment, they allow us to activate our soul purpose on this planet. We only have one body and with it the responsibility to optimize its health, vitality, and performance. When we create the conditions emotionally, mentally, and of course physically, weight loss, fitness, strength, and vibrancy come naturally.

Q: Why are trendy diets often counterintuitive for weight loss?

A: A trendy diet is similar to a shiny object. We are initially attracted to it, but when we realize it is simply shiny, we become bored. It is human nature. Trendy diets are often complicated to manage and sustain. When we become overwhelmed by something, our tendency is what? Stasis - to do nothing at all. Another facet of our humanity.

Accessibility and practicality are our allies. Knowing your body, what stage of life you are in, what type of metabolism you have are incredibly important to crafting your own personal formula for a vibrant body, mind, and spirit.

Q: Why is something like working out seven days a week ultimately going to interfere with someone's ability to achieve weight loss? I'd love an expert to speak to over-training and CONSISTENCY over a life-time.

A: Working out seven days a week is not a balanced approach to fitness. Nor is it attainable from the perspective of consistency. Again, we must consider practicality. This approach can overwork your muscles and disregards the needed down time for rest and repair. What is a manageable approach you can commit to? If it is three to five days a week consistently, you will see a far greater and sustainable change in your body mass and overall feeling of fitness that will empower you with healthier, positive life-affirming choices in other areas of your life too!

Q: What are some other common resolutions that you would say are counter-intuitive towards weight loss over the course of a lifetime?

A: Resolutions that ask yourself to completely avoid a type of food are also difficult to stay consistent with. Allowing yourself to have things that you want in moderation is a good way to overcome this all or nothing patterning. Resolutions often activate patterns of perfectionism that can hide in our psyche. Optimum health is not perfect. It invites us to be in the listening and honoring of our bodies as well as our emotional health. There may be slip ups, but always recentering yourself back onto the wellness path with kindness and compassion for yourself is paramount.

Q: Are there any GOOD resolutions that you'd recommend?

A: Yes! Intentional practices on self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion are potent transformational resolutions for our greatest health and vitality. A daily self-care ritual, no matter how simple a practice, creates positive reinforcement.

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Adora Winquist, Author. Teacher. Healer. EXPERT IN AROMATHERAPY & VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE Aromatherapy collection by Adora 

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