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Bloomy Lotus

Bloomy Lotus Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, The Petite Acorn

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Inspired by the beauty found in nature, the Bloomy Lotus Petite Acorn Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser uses high-performance technology to gently disperse a fragrant mist into the air. 

Resembling the pure, organic seed of a resplendent oak tree, this ultrasonic diffuser adds a touch of playful friendliness to any home or office. The modern design features a beautifully grained natural wood base with a frosted glass top cover.

The silent, ultrasonic atomization vaporizes a favorite essential oil over a generous interior area, operating for 2 or 4 hours with 8-hour interval timing and an anti-tip safety setting. An integrated LED light in the body of the diffuser emits a warm, color-changing glow that promotes an atmosphere of calm and serenity. It also features a special protective coating and is BPA-free. 

Unique Benefits

Easy to add essential oils or water

Simple to clean

Operates 2 or 4 hours with 8-hour interval timing

Ultrasonic Diffuser silently diffuses a pure, fragrant mist into the air while emitting a warm color-changing glow from the integrated LED light, promoting an atmosphere of complete serenity.

The powerful ultrasonic atomization features a large water tank, allowing the dispersion of relaxing scents over a generous interior area, making it ideal for larger spaces.


Dimensions: 4.5" W x 6.5" H 

Water reservoir capacity: 4.7 fl. oz.

Diffuser type: Ultrasonic

Safety settings: Automatic shut-off function when the diffuser detects the water is empty or when it is tipped over.

Runtime options: 2H, 4H, 8H (intermittent 5 mins ON/OFF)

Coverage area / room size: 484 sq. ft.

LED lighting options: Light Blue, Candlelight, Purple

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