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Kashwere Check Pattern Pillow

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Size: 20*20
Material: Kashwére Lounge™ Yarn
Weave: Lightweight

If you’re a fan of our iconic Cloud Throw you’ll definitely love the ultra-plush, double-stuffed feel of the Check Pillow. Knit from our signature Chenilla™ yarn, you’ll get the unmatched coziness of Kashwére, now in a pillow! Plus, the iconic 4”x4” contrasting checker pattern effortlessly elevates any room of your home and creates a warm, inviting ambiance. Pair it with a Check Throw or another Check Pillow in a contrasting color for a mixed-and-matched, carefree look. Our hypoallergenic plush pillow inserts offer the feel and luxurious experience of the finest down that will please even the pickiest of pillow connoisseurs. As a part of our newest collection, the Check Pillow is sure to be a checkmate, so treat yourself today.

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