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Kashwere Soft Luxury Pajamas,Beauty Fiber

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Premium luxury robes and sleepwear crafted with ultra soft Kashwere fabric

Make the most of your beauty sleep and treat your whole body to an overnight spa treatment with our “Beauty Fiber” Collagen Pajama Set.

We all love overnight masks for our face; it’s time our bodies received the same pampering experience! Discover the future of sleepwear with Kashwére's "Beauty Fiber" Collagen Pajama Set. This exceptional ensemble takes the meaning of beauty sleep to a whole new level by weaving sustainably-sourced marine collagen directly into the fibers of this garment. Experience sleepwear that not only provides unparalleled comfort but also contributes to your skin's hydration and vitality.

The collagen peptides found in our exclusive "Beauty Fiber" fabric transfer moisture to your skin throughout the night. With every wear, your skin feels softer, more hydrated, and beautifully refreshed. The miracle of this fabric is that the collagen peptides are intricately woven into the fibers as opposed to being applied topically. This ensures they never wash away, even after repeated laundering.

About This Product

  • Standard Sizing
  • Fabric Infused with sustainably-sourced marine collagen throughout
  • Set includes: Top & Joggers
  • Material: Beauty Fiber
  • Easy Care: Treat yourself to spa-like luxury without the fuss

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