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Bending the Arc of History With a Paint Brush by Mimi Haley

Bending the Arc of History With a Paint Brush by Mimi Haley

The Greek goddess Techne, served as inspiration for both science and art. In essence they were one and the same.  The concept of art surpassing science may have had its time. Aristotle, then Newton, caused the paths to diverge and to remain on parallel paths. The nature of art draws out the future and all other disciplines scamper behind. Look at the Sistine Chapel, a powerful vision some laymen cannot let go of - even today. Image is powerful and sometimes beauty is not truth! Can you teach visual literacy or aesthetic intelligence?


The artist soaks up 360 degrees to transform the blank canvas; it is an invitation to utilize seeing and thinking to discover. A magical experience happens when the flow of paint to canvas results in declared victory. 

When one arrives to work in an international colony of painters, it takes little time to know that our minds meet. Unconsciously or otherwise we solve problems of existence, perhaps reframing reality. Is there a formula for that experience? Think of Euler’s equation where something real and something imaginary react to produce nothing. Do Jung’s’ synchronicity and Einstein’s’ X theory intersect? Art holds the promise and force of evolving the human soul. Cézanne, where are you to explain how your broken line opened the door for what Einstein would spell out after the turn of the century? The voyage of discovery is a surprise. Have you not been blown off course in thinking and seeing to arrive at genuine insight? This is not meant to suggest that progress is random. Nothing is random. Knowing can be visual, cerebral or instinctive. Can’t opposing aspects of reality combine? Who is the most forward thinker? Cy Twombly. Does everyone have the left-brain / right-brain tango ability? Da Vinci said,  "Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all generations.”

Pieces by Mimi Haley:


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