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The Scent of Romance by Jane Hendler

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The Scent of Romance by Jane Hendler - My Spa Shop


“Valentine’s day is a day that every woman wants to feel sexy,” says Jane Hendler, Organic scent expert and Founder of Ajne. Romance is the spice of life.  So to ‘spice-up’ this special day, Jane created what may be the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac perfume, Vanille.

Scientific research indicates that men find women 10 times sexier when they are wearing Vanilla, which just happens to be the exotic base of Vanille. But you won’t find cloying, sweet, synthetic fragrance chemical ingredients at Ajne.

“Real vanilla is obtained by distillation of the vanilla bean,” explains Jane. “We don’t have the proper climate to grow Vanilla in Carmel. So we reviewed selections from many organic farmers before choosing a beautiful distillation by a small farmer from Madagascar.” Jane combined this exceptional vanilla with a number of secret plant ingredients to give her 100% natural, organic perfume just a hint of wood and toast.

We recommend a dab on the pulse points to make this Valentine’s day one to remember. Of course, a preservative-free bit of chocolate couldn’t hurt either!

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