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Message of Peace by Dean Evenson

Message of Peace by Dean Evenson

Peace does have a place in the world. We just have to prepare for what it feels, looks and sounds like. The peace that is exciting, engaging and enveloping will open up the concept to many more people. Peace is the state where we begin our journey with calm and end with an energy that magnifies our wildest dreams. Peace is the place that can reach out to all people who are searching and open to a better world.

Our love is only limited by our own intention. As we unfold in our own soul's maturity, we feel the essence of others in a more complete circle. Singing the song of unmitigated individual magnificence brings us into the choir of common love which connects to all those beings alive in the ever-unfolding elixir of life.

Of the cellular world, the drive of DNA is pushing and pulling us forward toward the goal of life to improve, become better and overcome the limitations that are holding us back from the real unlimited energy inherent in all of us. We are striving and thriving to open up the floodgates of love and compassion whereby all beings are well fed, well clothed and within a sustainable home environment. Our earth has prospered us to this point and we are beginning to see that the greater being of the earth is dependent on our right actions and this, in turn, will bring about the blessings we all crave.

Dean Evenson, Soundings of the Planet co-founder

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