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Top Reasons Why We Go To A Spa

2 min read

Spa Benefits

By Carole Tessier

The ongoing pressures and concerns in North America have made stress reduction and relaxation the number one reason for spa visits. However, there are other underlying reasons why we love to visit spas.

According to a Spa Magazine Readers Survey, the top reasons why we go to a spa are to reduce stress; maintain a healthy mind and body; personal indulgence; enhance a vacation experience; keep a youthful appearance; and behavior modification.

Stress reduction:

It is surprising what a couple of hours at a spa can do for stress reduction. Spa treatments have relaxing and soothing effects on our mind and body, help clear our mind, and relieve stress.

Maintain a healty mind and body 

Spa-goers are recognizing the importance of a healthy mind and body. Spa visits help us maintain a healthy lifestyle and find balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Personal indulgence:

Sometimes we just want to be pampered. With work demands, children and families to tend to, and other everyday stresses, why shouldn’t we treat ourselves to the very best? We deserve it!

Enhance a vacation experience:

There’s nothing better to get us into a vacation mindset than walking into a spa, leaving our cares at the door, shedding our clothes, breathing in exotic fragrances, and having nothing on our to-do lists but to relax and be pampered.

Youthful appearance:

More people are turning to skincare professionals for solutions to younger-looking skin. Anti-aging spa treatments appeal to all levels of spa-goers – from baby boomers to their children – all of whom are becoming increasingly interested in the preservation of their skin.

Behavior Modification:

Many spas today are dedicated to helping spa-goers create healthier lifestyles through behavior modification. Programs can involve personalized plans that include stress management, behavior modification coaching, workshops and lectures.

Why do you go to a spa?

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